Lbode Cube Black Outdoor Stove

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The perfect focal point to any garden, the wood burning outdoor LBODE CUBE Black Edition with its beautiful, curved edges takes pride of place in any setting whether it be ultra-modern or a traditional setting.

The cube is ideal as a central focal point where seating can be arranged around the fireplace. All 4 sides of the fireplace perfectly frame the fire and give everyone the perfect view whilst enjoying the heat from this high heat output model.

Unique features of the LBODE CUBE BLACK Edition

4-sided glass for perfect viewing angle

High Heat Output model

Easy to light and maintain good heat

Smokeless technology built in

Ideal for larger spaces

Price £1090 delivered incl. VAT

Width – 590mm

Depth – 590mm

Height – 2364mm to the top of the chimneyWeight

98 KgsMaterial

Matte Black Painted with brushed stainless steel trim

5 YEAR GUARANTEE as set out by the manufacturer

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