Tree Removal Services

Specialist Tree Works

Tree Pruning Service

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All work is fully insured and we follow the latest quality standards.

Specialist Tree Works

We are able to provide a free quotation to carry out any aspect of tree surgery you require at home or business. Our fully trained and experienced staff will happily discuss your requirements and carry out the task with impressive skill and enthusiasm.  We always leave the site clean and safe, allowing you to admire the workmanship and thought that has gone into the job. We hold the relevant insurances and qualifications.

Tree Surveys and Report

We are fully trained and qualified to carry out surveys and reports for the homeowner.  This may be to assess a tree's health, bat inspections, fungal recognition or trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's).

Tree Crown Reduction

The reduction of the overall size of a tree's upper branches to give more space around the tree and increase light levels. Includes dead wooding.

Tree Crown Thinning

Some species of trees become very  dense in their appearance. Selected branches including any deadwood are removed to open up the crown. The overall size remains the same.  Increases light levels.

Tree Crown Lifting

This process involves removing the lower branches to give more room under the tree. This could be to stop branches rubbing on existing structures; allow a line of sight beyond the tree or allow access to the tree for amenity.


Tree Felling / Tree Removal

Trees can either be wholly or partially (section) felled.  Section felling involves climbing and dismantling a tree, branch by branch. This allows trees in smaller areas to be felled and removed without damaging the surrounding area.

Tree Stump Removal / Stump Grinding Service

Once a tree has been felled you may wish to use the area for something new. We are able to remove the stump leaving the area clear.  As part of this process, there is a heaped effect of soil and grinding. Over time this will shrink.

Tree Dead Wooding Service

Removal of deadwood throughout the crown of a tree for safety reasons. Usually anything over 25m.

Site Clearance Services

From a small building plot to larger sites we can clear vegetation for you.